Top quality service & low prices on all installations, refinishing, sanding, polishing, fabrication and repair on all hardwood, tile, stone, and slab. Great deals for comercials projects and builders. We can help you choose a right product for your needs and help you save time and money.

Reasonable rates for additional preparation work that may be necessary to complete installations.

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Our Hardwood Price List

Pre-finished hardwood installations (labor) $2.50/sqft
Un-finished (installation, sand & 2 coats) $3.50/sqft
Laminate floor installation (labor only) $2.00/sqft
Stairs (treads and risers) are (labor only)
An on-site estimate is necessary on all stair installations
Hardwood floor refinishing $2.50/sqft

Our Tile Price List

Ceramic floor tile installations (labor) $4.00/sqft
Ceramic counter tile installations (labor) $4.50/sqft
Ceramic wall tile installations (labor) $5.00/sqft
Back splash – 1 roll bullnose install (labor) $2.00/lnft
Back splash – additional tile roll install (labor) $1.50 /lnft
Minimum tile installation charge $75.00

Our Slab Price List

Slab fabrication (2cm) and installations (labor) $25/sqft
Slab fabrication (3cm) and installations (labor) $35/sqft

Our Stone Price List

Granite tile installations (labor) $10.00/sqft
Granite tile radius edge polishing (labor) $9.00/lnft
Granite tile flat edge polishing (labor) $7.00/lnft